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They may look good but are they safe?


20170821_16042120170822_110007They may look good but are the safe? –

The last floor tile has been laid, the project is nearly finished but are the floors safe? Anti slip flooring can come under immense scrutiny if someone slips or trips within a public space. The HSE now recommend that tiles are only tested for their anti slip properties by using two preferred methods; the Pendulum Test (PTV Value) and a surface roughness meter (Rz value). These methods give an accurate indication of how slippy the floor is in both wet and dry conditions and can be carried out both on site (in situ) or independently away from the project. Factors such as cleaning have a big part to play in keeping tiles maintained to their original delivered standard, the right use of agitation and cleaning products should be used as per the Operations and Maintenance manual sent to clients when projects are completed.

All anti slip floor tiles supplied by Spectile are batch tested prior to them leaving the factory with these two methods here at our head quarters and certificates attaining to such are available. We are also able to come to site to test in situ tiles and advise with cleaning methods and procedures.

Remember it may look good, but don’t slip up!

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Surface Roughness (Rz) Slip Potential
Below 10 μm High
10-20 μm Moderate
20 + μm Low
Pendulum Test Value (PTV) Slip Potential
0-24 High Slip Potential
25-35 Moderate Slip Potential
36+ Low Slip Potential