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Stunning London – In red & black



IMG_20180117_105016_924Stunning London – In red & black

The inspiration for this mood board came from the bright red and monochromatic images that London provided in the early 1900s. Buses, Telephone Boxes and Newspapers; all items that we associate with the capital gave inspiration when choosing the tiles. Newspapers represent the Grey and Black tiles whilst the Deep Red tiles represent the Buses and Phone Boxes scattered around the City. The Grey also representing the frequently dull sky that we endure in the UK. The contrast between now and the early 1900’s is significant as now the city is colour brushed, filled with different cultures and surroundings; compared to the simplistic, greyscale, however, eye-catching and unique old London. These colours therefore can easily sit together for a wonderful looking project.

Urban Preto Glossy

R-Series –Urban Range

Preto – Glossy 200x100mm

Sizes Available: 200x100mm,

100x100mm, 200x200mm

553118 Neutral 8

AB Series –Chroma non-slip Range.

553118 Neutral 8 Light Grey Anti-Slip – 247x122x8mmRed Bus Image

Sizes Available: 247x122x8mm,Telephone Box

122x122x8mm & 247x247x8mm

Rouge Rouge 03 EP

EP Series – Home Design Range

– Rouge Rouge 03 Matt 502x200mm

Sizes Available: 502x200mm

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