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Reinventing the Classics


IMG_6462See once familiar creations with new eyes – Rich colours in a timeless format with a modern twist.

 The exposed brick look in design is a reoccurring and popular trend but why not try something slightly different for a change?

Our Craft Range ceramics rejuvenate the ‘brick-look’ design by recycling rich colours into a variety of Strip tile formats to create a modern wall finish. It is easy to incorporate a ‘vintage’ style with these tiles, as they embrace the beauty in the flaws and imperfections of natural products with a flamed -effect glazed surface. These tiles are ideal for creating a high end design within budget for projects such as Spas, Restaurants, Hotels & Reception Areas, Public Buildings and Commercial Developments.

Craft Range Craft Colour Pallet Cropped - PLEASE US THIS IMAGE FOR WEBSITE

Nominal Size: 62 x 250mm

Working size: 52 x 290 x 11mm



Available in Contrasting colours: White, Jade Green, Mid-Grey, Dark-Grey, Beryl-Red, Benit-Blue, Olive Green Flamed, Hematite-Black, Golden Yellow Flamed, Amber Flamed, Blue-Green Flamed.

Profiles: Strips, Wave, V-Pointed, Grooved, Double-Tip.

For more information about how we can assist with incorporating these tiles in your projects, please contact us via email sales@spectile.co.uk or call us on 01270 256666.

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