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Newsletter – April 2017



PINTEREST CLIPAs we are all well under way in the second quarter of 2017, Spectile are sure it has been an equally busy month for everyone. On the upside, our monthly newsletter has arrived with a simple round up of what’s been happening here at Spectile.

Social Media

As well as our Twitter and Facebook pages, don’t forget that we also have Instagram and Pinterest accounts too. This is where we share photographs, material images and links to inspire your designs. Whether you are working on commercial, hospitality and leisure developments, it is all there for your benefit!

Sometimes imagination is not enough to be able to create genius designs, however visualising allows you to see what colours and textures work alongside each other in different settings. Here at Spectile we like to encourage those who dare to be different by exposing photography of high quality products in as many quirky ways as possible. Just like this newly revealed tiling range – Trace.CAESAR TRACE SERIES COLLAGE

To find out more please contact us via email.

Hart Leisure Centre – Edenbrook

This month, the new Hart Leisure Centre opened its doors to the community after two years of planning, designing and building. Proud to be involved, Spectile worked alongside the Architects and Contractors to develop a specification for many different types of wall and floor tiling within the centre’s wet and dry areas. To read more about this project and the tiles that were used please click here.

Some other Projects Completed in April

·         Hardingstone School ·         Severn Centre – Highley
·         Holland Park ·         Project Beagle, Interserve HQ
·         Birkett House ·         Complex Needs School, Aberdeen
·         Risborough Springs Leisure Centre ·         William Perkins School Sports Centre

Chroma Range (HT) – A Closer Lookht

With 50 colours available and in a range of different sizes the Chroma Range is perfect to be used in a range of different environments. Spectile’s AB Chroma Range has the added benefit of the amazing HT (Hydrophilic Tile) coating contributing to a healthy living environment.

The key benefits of HT are:Capture1

  • HT impedes the growth of fungus, bacteria and other micro-organisms
  • HT facilitates cleaning of the surface
  • HT decomposes pollutants and odours in indoor areas

How the HT Coating works:

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is fired insolubly and permanently into the ceramic surface at high temperatures. As a permanent catalyst, it facilitates a life-long reaction between light (photocatalysis), oxygen and humidity. This gives rise to activated oxygen and a hydrophilic, water-friendly ceramic surface. The activated oxygen undertakes three decisive functions:

1. It breaks down micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungus and germs directly at the ceramic surface and hinders growth. As such, HT sets new standards wherever cleanliness and hygiene are paramount.

2. Water does not form droplets which ineffectively pearl off or dry leaving unattractive marks but rather a wafer-thin film is formed. This water film ensures that even the tiniest particles of dirt and stubborn residue such as grease which is difficult to remove under normal conditions are thoroughly infiltrated, detaching them from the surface and enabling them to be simply wiped off. This saves time and cleaning agents as well as representing a bonus for the client and most importantly the environment.

3. Disagreeable odours and pollutants such as formaldehyde or nitric oxides are decomposed giving rise to significantly improved indoor air. This is not only particularly convenient in sanitary facilities or kitchen areas – it also makes for more pleasant working conditions throughout all buildings.code

If you would like to discuss our Chroma tile range in more detail then please contact our sales department on 01270 256666 or visit our website.









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