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DDA Compliant Finger Grip and Tread Edge Tiles


dda tileDDA Compliant Finger Grip and Tread Edge Tile for Swimming Pools developed.

News – Spectile Ltd & Agrob Buchtal develop new swimming pool tile – Cheshire, UK.

Spectile Ltd the UK’s leading supplier of swimming pool tiles, as well as Architectural Tiling Packages have been working with leading European manufacturer Agrob Buchtal to design a new swimming pool edging tile that could replace the traditional finger grip tile and tread edging tile. Traditional tiles give a very limited amount of “contrast” typically less than 40mm. However, the new tile from Agrob Buchtal has a contrast depth of 56mm, by far the widest on the market.

So why is this an important development? Well, there are several factors to take into account. The design options, the visual impact, and the finish are all important to the delivery of a successful and attractive project.

However, by far and away the key fact is improving compliance with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act). The extra width provides a greater contrast allowing visually impaired users to navigate steps more easily, identifying pool edges both by improved visability and tactility.

This is a key development for community based projects such as Leisure Centres.

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