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Hues from Nature

Hues from Nature – For today’s blog we have taken influence from Mother Nature, looking at natural colours and textures. From stone greys and earthy browns, to lush greens recognizing current trends. Green is a vibrant colour, sure to add a burst of energy to any project. A mixture of tactile surfaces and tones can …


A New Shade of Grey

  A New Shade of Grey – I have often thought that less is more and that minimalistic designs don’t become boring if used effectively in different room settings. This week we have decided to base our inspirational blog on assortments of different tones surrounding the summer season. Instead of dominating a room with one …


Reinventing the Classics

See once familiar creations with new eyes – Rich colours in a timeless format with a modern twist.  The exposed brick look in design is a reoccurring and popular trend but why not try something slightly different for a change? Our Craft Range ceramics rejuvenate the ‘brick-look’ design by recycling rich colours into a variety …


Naturally influencing designs – Stone & Sea

Naturally influencing designs – Stone & Sea – Inspiration originates from being mentally stimulated to do, feel or in particular to create something. This can be generated from an experience of any of the five senses; sight, touch, smell, sound and taste. Imagining a scene such as the sea crashing against black volcanic rocks, tasting …


Pretty in Purple

Pretty in Purple, Inspiration for Architecture & Design – With inspiration and design taken from the intricate patterns and colours used in Moroccan architecture, creativity has no boundaries and we like to encourage that concept with recommendations of ranges that can make your vision come to life. Diverting from the current trends, we understand that …


Keeping afloat – The History of Spectile Limited

The Light- Bulb idea – Approximately 25 years ago an aspiring entrepreneur from Glasgow was shaving when he had his Eureka moment. He saw that there was a gap in the market for a technical architectural company and from that day forward Roy decided he was going to start his own business doing just that; …


From Public bath to Lifestyle Centre – The History of Crewe Baths

  Crewe Swimming Pool – from Public Baths to Lifestyle Centre. The recently opened Crewe Lifestyle Centre is the latest facility to be opened for the people of Crewe. Back in the day, 1874 to be precise the town nearly had a Spa resort, thanks to Henry Platt. ‘Medicinal waters’ were found in Church Coppenhall …