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New product – Cherry Red 2120

Introducing the Exclusive Extruded Glazed Brick Slip Tiles –  Last year Spectile Ltd were approached to develop a new tiling product that would replicate bricks with one glazed surface. Of course, Spectile’s technical team took on the challenge to help their client. The Tiling Vision – To be more specific; Spectile’s client, Wilkinson Eyre Architects …


Stunning London – In red & black

  Stunning London – In red & black The inspiration for this mood board came from the bright red and monochromatic images that London provided in the early 1900s. Buses, Telephone Boxes and Newspapers; all items that we associate with the capital gave inspiration when choosing the tiles. Newspapers represent the Grey and Black tiles …


Complete Pool Tank Tiling Solutions

Here at Spectile we are able to help with all matters relating to pool tank tiling. We can provide technical assistance and AUTOCAD layouts for your project. This is part of our complimentary service to our customers. If we can help you in any way then please contact out technical team either by phone – 01270 256666 …


Newsletter – August 2017

Turquoise & Golds – Exotic Blends – This month’s mood board blog looks at combining the rich turquoise and deep blue colours with splashes of gold. Inspired by tropical golden sands and crystal-clear waters, influence is taken from mother nature. To read more and to see some of the ranges that were used please follow …


They may look good but are they safe?

They may look good but are the safe? – The last floor tile has been laid, the project is nearly finished but are the floors safe? Anti slip flooring can come under immense scrutiny if someone slips or trips within a public space. The HSE now recommend that tiles are only tested for their anti …


Turquoise & Gold – Exotic Blends

Turquoise & Gold – Exotic Blends Turquoise seas, golden sands; inspiration for this months mood board and blog. If mother nature combines them, then why not us? The deep turquoise sits in harmony and balance together with the touch of gold and deep blue tones. Combining all of these with natural wood really pulls the …


Newsletter – July 2017

Hues from Nature – Taking inspiration from mother nature, this months blog looks at compiling natural colours and textures together to create a stunning and sophisticated look in any project. Using a range of materials including wood and stone, why not contact us for details on the ranges used. You can read more here. Closer …


Hues from Nature

Hues from Nature – For today’s blog we have taken influence from Mother Nature, looking at natural colours and textures. From stone greys and earthy browns, to lush greens recognizing current trends. Green is a vibrant colour, sure to add a burst of energy to any project. A mixture of tactile surfaces and tones can …


Newsletter – June 2017

Welcome to our June newsletter, featuring a quick round up of what has been happening this month.   Projects Completed in June – ·         Vue Cinema – Preston ·         Littleport Academy ·         HSBC – Beckenham ·         Atherton Leisure Centre ·         Bishops Hatfield Girls School ·         Waendel Leisure Centre ·         Weston Power Bude ·         Weston Bakery …


A New Shade of Grey

  A New Shade of Grey – I have often thought that less is more and that minimalistic designs don’t become boring if used effectively in different room settings. This week we have decided to base our inspirational blog on assortments of different tones surrounding the summer season. Instead of dominating a room with one …

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