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Birmingham University Sports & Fitness Centre – Case Study


Organisation –

Birmingham University have recently added a new state-of-the-art Sports and Fitness Centre to their campus replacing the existing Monrow Centre. With proud sporting heritage, it was decided that the new development would break the divide between the city and the university accommodating students, staff and the public. The new facility now resides in a better position in the grounds making it more visible to its users within the university and the surrounding areas.

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Background –

Construction began on the £55m investment in 2015, taking almost two years to complete, the centre is now fully functional with a number of modern facilities including:

A 50m Competition Swimming Pool with the ability to be subdivided into two separate 25m Competition Swimming Pools

  • 12 Court Sports Hall
  • 6 Squash Courts
  • 3 Activity Suites
  • Ergo and Spin Studios
  • Climbing Wall
  • Fitness Gym with up to 200 stations.
  • Separate Wet and Dry Changing Areas.







Birmingham University have introduced a specialist wellbeing and sports science centre to support students, athletes and the community with their health, training and competing, this with the help of world class trainers and sport experts. Along with the new amenities came the opportunity to offer sports and fitness classes and an all ages learn to swim programme which elevates the University’s plans to increase inclusion with the community.

Requirements –

In keeping with the design vision this project was specifically required to be completed to a professional standard. This meant the inclusion of a quality technical ceramics package for the pool tanks; pool surrounds, and wet and dry changing areas. These architectural tiles had to have a technical Anti-Slip coating to ensure the safety of its users and to adhere to the required standards. The tiling also has to be hard wearing, functional, comfortable and sustainable.

Amongst other necessities, accessibility was highly considered throughout all the stages of the design and construction process for those with specific requirements and to enable everyone to get involved with the options that are on offer.


Solution –

Throughout the design and building process, Spectile have continuously provided their professional service to Space and Place Architects and the Main Contractor; Interserve Construction. Spectile’s technical team have assisted with the M40 tiling specification, tile samples and the supply and delivery of all tiles used within the pool tanks, pools surround and wet and dry changing areas. This particular tiling package consists of a white, light grey and dark grey colour combination for a modern and sophisticated look.




Spectile’s Services –

Spectile’s Managing Director paid the centre a courteous visit before its opening to see the progressing installation and also to provide technical guidance for the cleaning and maintenance of the tiling package. He carried out a Slip test to further prove that Spectile’s Anti-Slip coated tiles are safe for bare and shod foot traffic, adhering to the British Standard 7976 according to the HSE and UK Slip Resistance Groups requirements. Using a Surtronic Duo meter, Spectile also measured the surface roughness of the tiles to demonstrate that the tiles were safe and comfortable for people to walk on.

The Birmingham University Sports and Fitness Centre project demonstrates how Spectile Ltd utilise their in house technical team to provide their expertise and technical knowledge to projects that require a specific tiling package and technical services.

Spectile’s post project completion services include site visits, anti-slip pendulum testing, advice on cleaning and maintenance and the provision of suitable cleaning products.

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